History of the Helper Agent®

In 2002 a real estate agent, John McCann, sat down to examine why he obtained listings, and why he was getting more than his share in a tight listing market. The more he reflected, the more he realised an agent's performance is impacted by a number of psychological factors. Issues such as self-esteem, self-condience, self-efficacy, trust, respect, values, fear, anxiety, rejection, thinking, behaviour, moods, feelings, goals, relationships, motivation, self-awareness, personality, and more. Of critical importance was what mind set does the agent have? What's in his or her heart about their clients? How do they feel about their clients?

John began running training programmes on the psychology of listing and selling real estate and it is here that he began promoting the concept of the Helper Agent ® . To provide a more personal level of development, John began to individually coach agents nationwide on how to continually improve their capacity as real estate agents.

At the 2009 conference for Helper Agents, it was decided by those agents present* that it was time for Helper Agents to be officially recognised and an accreditation process was set in place. With the Helper Agent ® brand now registered it has become an elite and valuable profile.

* We would like to recognise the founding members as listed below:

Lani Cooper, QLD         Helen Day, QLD       Simone Files, QLD
Christine Morris, SA  Scott Nelson, SA Gai O'Driscoll, QLD 
Maria Panuccio, SA Trevor Priest, SA