Accreditation of a Helper Agent is approved by OrgPsych, an Australian based company leading the way in organisational psychology for today’s business. OrgPsych provides ongoing Executive Coaching/Mentoring and training to all Helper Agents ensuring that they deliver a service based on being genuine and their commitment to uphold a strict set of values and principles.

To become accredited as a Helper Agent ® you:

    * Must be an authorised agent (sales, property management, licensed).
    * Must have completed a minimum of one, twelve session semester of Executive Real Estate Coaching with OrgPsych.
    * Must have ongoing Executive Real Estate Coaching with OrgPsych on a monthly basis.
    * Are recommended to attend the annual Being a Helper Agent conference
    * Are required to pay an annual registration fee of $250 (1 July - 30 June)

Once application for accreditation has been received you will be contacted by OrgPsych and an interview with John McCann will be arranged where any of your questions will be answered.

As an accredited Helper Agent ® you will have member access to this site which will enable you to :

    * Network with other Helper Agents
    * Give you access to current and archived support material
    * Receive updates from John McCann
    * Use the Helper Agent ® title and logo in any marketing including business cards, CV’s, advertising, etc.