Testimonials of Helper Agents®

“John is unquestionably the most gifted leadership and professional development coach I have met in my 20 years' experience in the real estate industry - with unlimited potential to work with clients at various levels. Good coaches, in my opinion, are measured by their client's success, measured by personal goal setting, not those imposed by the coach. John encourages his clients to be themselves, identifying strengths and understanding weaknesses in their characters, so they may enhance both their professional and personal lives, through the achievement of realistic goals. John is a strong advocate for trust, transparency and integrity in any relationship - a simple philosophy supported by the science of John's craft.”

Simon Merchant, Merchants, Australia Wide.

“John has been coaching me since April 2006. There is no question in my mind that he has been instrumental in my personal growth and business development during this time. The values and principles that he encourages coupled with the direction and guidance that he so generously provides are invaluable. If only the entire real estate world were open to growth and training in this manner, customer complaints would permanently be a thing of the past.”

Christine Morris, Company Director, SA
Phone 0419 685 200

“... I have just sold 15 properties for $9 million in nine weeks in a tough market. By listening and helping people I have achieved more than I thought was possible ...”

Steve Lally, Sales Consultant, WA
Phone 0412 576 133

“In an industry permeated with self interest, ignorance and money grabbing short sightedness ... a man who talks such clear common sense of ethics, integrity and empathy ... and provide evidence of having had success whilst living by these principles ...your willingness to listen, your empathy and positive belief have helped us all ... you make the effort to understand, and you act in confidence and with discretion, these are qualities often spoken of, but only delivered by a few.”

Scott Nelson, Sales Consultant, SA
Phone 0407 700 100

“...You encourage each individual to reach their potential and your enthusiasm to ensure that our profession can make a difference will set the HELPER AGENT® philosophy a cut above the rest. I encourage anybody that has the opportunity to attend a conference run by John, be coached by John or just to meet John, do it now!”

Gai O'Driscoll, Principal, QLD
Phone 0411 838 979

“...I believe that the marked increase in my income, dramatic increase in results and the deeper relationships that I now enjoy everyday are attributable to the hard work that you and I have invested in working through my areas for growth”.

Trevor Priest, Principal & Director, SA
Phone 0418 220 224