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"Eva was always professional and showed a genuine interest and caring attitude towards us. She was never forceful (which has been our experience with other agents) and her attitude and demeanor made us feel as though we could trust her….these traits are rare. Selling a house is extremely stressful, but Eva made it easy."

D & R Foxe about Helper Agent® Eva Frketic, NSW.

"We felt compelled to write to you and express our gratitude and thanks for the wonderful job you did in the marketing and sale of our unit. Firstly I'd like to point out that we found you to be head and shoulders above the other agents. Your professionalism was such a contrast to that of your industry peers. You conducted yourself with honest, integrity and that non-pushy but very professional manner you have. You made us feel we had made the right choice. Well done and thank you very much."

Bruce & Judy Robinson about Helper Agent® Steve Lally, WA.

"Both of us were taken aback by Trevor’s ability to be both professional in every way possible but to also be a friend, a huge bonus when selling something so important........we will always remember this and would recommend him to anyone who is ever thinking of selling their property."

Sam & Brad Illman about Helper Agent® Trevor Priest, SA.

“Forget all the stereotypes of real estate agents, Simone Files negates all of them! She is above all honest, open and very easy to talk to. I have both bought and sold properties with Simone, and recommend her very highly. She listens to what I am looking for, and goes to all lengths to find it. She is friendly, conscientious, and will communicate with you on a regular basis; you will always know what is happening with your property. And no matter how tough things get, Simone will come through for you!”

Tracey Waples, about Helper Agent® Simone Files, Toowoomba.

A Helper Agent® lives by the following values/principles:

Integrity Honesty Transparency
Empathy Ethical Acceptance
Respect Caring Professionalism

A message from John McCann

Founder of Helper Agent®

Registered Positive Psychologist
Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer

John McCann started in real estate in Sydney in 1990, and soon realised that his responsibility as an agent reached a lot further than simply selling houses. “Reflecting on my life as a real estate agent, I was amazed at the personal and poignant stories people were sharing with me. Often the sales process was full of emotions and heartbreak. In many instances I never knew what to say to help them so I just listened.” shares John.

“The experience of listening to stories of loss, sadness, grief and pain generated a desire in me to do more. This, together with a desire to help people be the best they could, prompted me to study psychology so I could understand more about people’s thoughts and feelings, and help them.” So John completed a Master’s degree in Psychology. “As real estate agents we have a significant responsibility being appointed to sell a property and often an individual’s entire wealth. We share people’s private space and their personal world – usually reserved only for family and friends. What an honour and a privilege!”

With the help of an experienced trainer, a program was developed to help agents be more self-aware, to clarify values such as empathy, integrity, respect, genuineness and to teach agents to listen empathically to truly HELP their clients through this often difficult time. This was the birth of the Helper Agent® group.

John McCann’s Biography
History of the Helper Agent®