Real Estate Training

John McCann - OrgPsych's director and founder of the Helper AgentĀ® - is developer and presenter of our real estate training. His experience in the real estate industry coupled with his capability as an Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach contributes to a valuable training presentation and memorable experience.

Everything presented in our real estate training programmes are not hunches or just good ideas but information which is research based - over 25 years.

The teachings are structured on timeless principles and values, incorporating the latest, most relevant research, and are fundamentally pragmatic. It is truly cutting edge.

We use the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) in our real estate training programmes for behaviour profiling. in order to give attendees an objective, reliable means for understanding and describing themselves.

John has presented our real estate training programmes for over ten years to agents nationwide with many having attended multiple programmes.

"The life skills John taught can be used in all aspects of life. However, when applied to the world of real estate, they become especially powerful for professionals who want to aspire to the highest level".
Jane Mitchell, Training and Development Manager, REISA

An overview of each of our real estate training programmes are located on this page.

To host any of our real estate training programmes, please contact our office or for an opportunity to attend.