Profitable Property Management

This unique, one day programme offers property management staff benefits as an individual, as a team and an agency providing effectiveness through building trust with landlords, tenants and service providers therefore creating long term sustainable growth of the rent roll (an agency’s greatest financial asset).

Attendees will improve their effectiveness and enjoyment by:

  • Learning how to deal with difficult people and how to turn any situation into a win, win outcome with skills such as empathy and compathy, by developing emotional intelligence and by being resilient and mentally tough.
  • Building a Rent Roll through increased referrals via optimum, stress free service from pleasant experience of landlord and tenant dealings with the agency.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by building a complimentary team, where staff respect each other, management respect and appreciate staff and staff respect landlords, tenants and service providers.
  • Generating a stress free experience for landlords, tenants, service providers and agency staff.