Being a Trusted Agent

This potentially 'life changing', one day programme gives agents the edge, teaching them highly effective personal prospecting and psychological listing skills/techniques that will help them obtain more saleable listing, generate more income and help their clients achieve the best price for their property.

"For the financial year 2008-2009 I sold 48 properties at a combined value of over $26 million dollars." ....
Steve Lally, accredited Helper Agent ® Ian Hutchinson Real Estate, Perth, WA.

This evidence based programme explains why Trusted Agents (Helper Agents®) are thriving and will show you how to maintain your competitive advantage and generate saleable listings and income in any market, any time. To date over 3,000 agents have attended this programme.

In this programme agents will learn:

  • Be distinct or extinct – THRIVING not just surviving
  • Building breakthrough relationships
  • Influence with Integrity
  • The values that underpin long term sustainable success
  • POSITIVITY - overcoming objection, rejection and negativity
  • The Dynamics of TRUST
  • Focus - The key to Effectiveness
  • The role of EMOTION in Real Estate
  • Unlocking your potential—Flourishing—Being the best you can be
  • How all this impacts prospecting, listing and negotiation

As an effective individual working for a real estate office agents are, perhaps unknowingly, affecting the lives of many people.

Showing by example that what they are doing as an agency is helping people, usually at a stressful time in people's lives, builds TRUST.